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Under Arizona law, Assault is the when you (1) intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause physical injury to another (Class 1 Misdemeanor); (2) intentionally place another person in “reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury” (Class 2 Misdemeanor); or (3) knowingly touch another person with the intent to injure, insult or provoke them (Class 3 Misdemeanor) (A.R.S. § 13-1203).

Aggravated Assault
Under Arizona law, Aggravated Assault is a felony. A charge of Aggravated Assault may be brought against you if the circumstances of your case included an additional factor, including, but not limited to:

  • An assault resulted in a serious injury;
  • An assault was committed against a police officer;
  • If the assault was committed by use of a deadly or dangerous instrument;
  • The person charged is 18 or older and the person assaulted was under 15
    (A.R.S. § 13-1204).

Under Arizona law, the crime of Endangerment is defined as, “recklessly endangering another person with a substantial risk of imminent death or physical injury” (A.R.S § 13-1201).

Threatening or Intimidating
In Arizona it is a crime to “threaten or intimidate by word or conduct:”

  • Physically injure another person or damage their property;
  • To cause (recklessly, knowingly or intentionally) serious public inconvenience, including the evacuation of a public place; or
  • To cause physical injury to a person or damage to their property in furtherance of gang activity (A.R.S. § 13-1202).

If you have been charged with Assault, Aggravated Assault, Endangerment, or Threatening or Intimidating, and you are looking for a highly skilled defense attorney who will vigorously defend your case. Navigating the criminal justice system can be challenging, and having an experienced attorney to represent you is invaluable. The team at AWD LAW® will aggressively advocate on your behalf so that you receive the lowest sentence legally possible.

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