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If drafted incorrectly, contracts and other legal documents can have serious impacts on your business. Although the meaning of a document may be clear to you when you write it, it is important to ensure that your intent is clearly and directly stated so that, if a dispute arises, there is no question about how to interpret the deal the contract represents. It is also valuable to have an attorney to guarantee that each party’s respective interests are represented during the drafting process and that it is written in a way that adequately safeguards the negotiated intent. If a dispute arises, a carefully and professionally drafted document will leave no question on how to construe the terms. The attorneys at AWD LAW have the keen eye for detail, tactical negotiation skills, and comprehensive understanding of the law to ensure that your interests are fully represented and accurately protected by a contract.

In addition to contracts, AWD LAW can help your business prepare a number of other legal documents, including:

  • Conditional use permit or rezoning applications,
  • Annual reports,
  • Operating agreements,
  • Security agreements,
  • Promissory notes,
  • Deeds,
  • Commercial lease agreements,
  • Licensing agreements and
  • Trade name applications.

Our Approach

AWD LAW® offers you the resources of a big firm and the responsiveness of solo practitioner. We will work closely with you to ensure you remain well-informed about all stages of your matter and that your needs are met in a way that fits with your bottom line.

When you choose to work with our business law group, you are choosing to work with a team of lawyers who have over 100 years of combined experience. Our attorneys have diverse training and backgrounds in business and other areas, so through our collaborative efforts, we can provide you with a unique and strategic perspective on whatever matter you bring. We understand the unique needs of businesses around Northern Arizona, and we are deeply committed to the economic health of our community.

Helpful Resources

Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Secretary of State
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

We are Northern Arizona’s business law firm. If you need to speak with an AWD LAW® business lawyer, contact us today at (928) 774-1478!

We can help you evaluate the circumstances of your business and determine your best options for the most successful outcome possible.

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